Abbot Kinney’s Wildest Dream

24 X 36 | Acrylic on Canvas | Work in Progress

This work in progress depicts the famous Venice intersection at Windward & Pacific. I will ultimately include the Venice Sign in this painting

I use a wide variety  of colors in my paintings and they are often BRIGHT! Each color requires multiple layers to achieve the desired intensity. Colors also have an unusual quality in that they change according to the color next to them. As I add new objects or people, I adapt existing objects and people accordingly. So much of my work involves what I call “tweaking colors and details” My objective always being to achieve contrast, clarity and overall color balance.

Being self-taught, my work is essentially organic. I keep dabbing and smearing until it looks right and I feel comfortable signing it. What I call “The Muses” often whisper ideas in my ear.  Even when I set out with a clear idea to paint one person it may turn into a vignette, involving other folks who each take on lives of their own right before my astonished eyes.



The Road to Happy Destiny

30 X40 | Acrylic on Canvas

The Road to Happy Destiny is the first in a series of road paintings I will completed over the next few years. It essentially depicts the joy and beauty of my home state of California. It essentially portrays a composite of memories from my various travels in The Golden State.

I wanted to capture the essence of a lush coastal farm valley in Spring. the land bursting with fresh produce, the hills and fields vibrant with wildflowers, an eclectic array of mostly good natured folks living the best version of life they could muster.

I look forward to painting my next road painting. I am considering various landscapes and I will know the right one when it comes time to sit down and paint. FO r now I am working to capture Venice Beach California in my last few months here and to design calendars and cards with the Holidays descending upon us.

New Art

Vintage Digs

20 X 24 | Acrylic on Canvas

“Vintage Digs” is a commission I painted for an old high school friend who contacted me out of the wild blue on Facebook with a request that I paint his 60 era childhood home in Suburban Los Angeles. As he tells the tale:

“I reconnected with an “old” high school classmate, Frank Strasser recently. Frank is a well known and highly regarded artist in Venice, CA. I had seen examples of his work on Facebook and was taken by his unique artistic interpretation of people and places and his wonderful use of vibrant colors.

I commissioned Frank to do a one of a kind painting of the house I grew up in, located in Westchester, CA. In addition to a couple of photos I sent to Frank, one color and one black and white, Frank did much personal investigation of our past abode.

Frank was incredibly accommodating AND PATIENT throughout this process. He quickly provided a draft of his depiction of my home based upon my early descriptions. He continued to modify and adapt the painting as my recollections of certain details of the home evolved thru this process. He melded some old with some new in the painting. The station wagon was our car in the ‘60’s and the short hedge bordering the walkway was what I remember as a kid but which no longer exists. In addition, he added some of his trademark whimsical components such as the jumbo jet in the background and the license plate on the station wagon. SBHS 72 = Saint Bernard High School, class of 72; his addition, not mine.

The result is the attached painting.

I couldn’t be more delighted. I have an original Strasser and it is of a subject that means so much to me, as it reflects a wonderful home, wonderful family life, wonderful childhood, and wonderful memories.

Frank, thank you so much for providing something so perfect! The painting will be given a place of prominence in our home in Annapolis, MD.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

(Mixed Media 5 x 7 Holiday Card Design)

This is a graphic  enhancement of an original oil on canvas snow scene I painted n the 80s. My earliest paintings from the 70s and 80s were primarily created in oils before I switched to using acrylics full time in the 90s.

I designed this image during a sizzling heat wave in Los Angeles. When much of the country was starting to cool down for Fall, L.A. was 100 degrees in late October. With the insane heat, i felt cooler working on a wintry scene rather than one of my more typical beach compositions.

I once read a similar tale about “The Christmas Song” … ya know … “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” That lilting little holiday ditty (made famous by Nat King Cole), was composed by Mel Torme and Bob Wells on a sweltering Summer day in the San Fernando Valley. The songwriting duo kept cool by writing a Christmas Carol and reminiscing about wintry Xmas days back east.